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How to take care of your yoga mat

If you find yourself in child’s pose and smell something funky, it might be your yoga mat. Yes, it’s true. Regular use combined with sweat, dust, dirt, body oil, and other debris can really pile up, leaving an odor on your mat that you would probably like to avoid. After all, you are standing on it with your bare feet.

Never fear. There are solutions available for the most busy or lazy among us. Depending on what style of yoga you practice, you may not need to clean your mat after every session, but you should try to clean it once a week. Regular cleaning will keep odors at bay and prolong the life of your mat.

DO clean your mat at least weekly.

DO whip up a natural solution.

DO buy yoga mat wipes if you’re lazy or busy.

DON’T use tons of soap.

DON’T worry about tossing your mat in the washing machine.

DON’T let your mat sunbathe.

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