how do I clean my yoga mat

One of the most important things you can learn to help enhance your yoga experience is how to clean yoga mats regularly. You can use a homemade solution or a commercial cleaning product – depending on the type of yoga mat you have, dishwashing liquid may be able to help clean stains and smells. Remember – always read the directions on the label of your yoga mat first, as some materials may have specific cleaning requirements. Also make sure you read the directions on the label of your chosen cleaning product, and test any product on a small area first. If you clean your yoga mat after each use, this way it will stay fresher for longer. This way, you should be able to extend the length of time between each thorough, intense clean.

it’s a good idea to really give a thorough clean to remove any bacteria, oils, dirt, and germs that have built up over time. After all, it’s not just sweat that’s the problem – your yoga mat spends most of its time on the floor, picking up all sorts of dirt that’s hanging around. Fortunately, it’s very simple to wash your yoga mat.

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