Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner by Greener Cleener


100% Natural Yoga Mat cleaners 16 OUNCES! Safe for all MATS and PROPS CLEAN DISINFECT RECLAIM YOUR MATS GRIP

Greener Cleener Yoga Mat Cleaner products smell so good, they make cleaning dirty things fun. Greener Cleener Yoga Mat Cleaner natural sage and citrus fragrance oil is formulated by one of top fragrance companies in the US that specialize in the development of natural biodegradable fragrances. Our Cleaners can have a calming effect in hopes to reduce your stress. We do not test on animals, we test on the things that need to be cleaned, like your yoga mat. We like to be very clear about what we do, just like our products! We strive to make exceptional products that people feel good about using on their dirty things.

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